Clinical Application of Commercially Available Video Recording and Monitoring Systems: Inexpensive, High- Quality Video Recording and Monitoring Systems for Endoscopy and Microsurgery


The exclusive charge-coupled device (CCD) camera system for the endoscope and electronic fiberscopes are in widespread use. However, both are usually stationary in an office or examination room, and a wheeled cart is needed for mobility. The total costs of the CCD camera system and electronic fiberscopy system are at least US $10,000 and US $30,000, respectively. Recently, the performance of audio and visual instruments has improved dramatically, with a concomitant reduction in their cost. Commercially available CCD video cameras with small monitors have become common. They provide excellent image quality and are much smaller and less expensive than previous models. The authors have developed adaptors for the popular mini-digital video (mini-DV) camera. The camera also provides video and acoustic output signals; therefore, the endoscopic images can be viewed on a large monitor simultaneously. The new system (a mini-DV video camera and an adaptor) costs only US $1,000. Therefore, the system is both cost-effective and useful for the outpatient clinic or casualty setting, or on house calls for the purpose of patient education. In the future, the authors plan to introduce the clinical application of a high-vision camera and an infrared camera as medical instruments for clinical and research situations.


Koichi Tsunoda, M.D., National Institute of Sensory Organs, Tokyo Medical Center, Tokyo, Japan; Atsunobu Tsunoda, M.D., Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan; ShinnIchi Ishimoto, M.D., National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical Center, Tokyo, Japan; Satoko Kimura, M.D., National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical Center, Tokyo, Japan

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