Harold Brem, MD

Harold BremTrained as a general surgeon, Harold Brem, MD FACS is the Chief of the Division of Wound Healing & Regenerative Medicine at Winthrop University Hospital, Mineola NY.

The Winthrop University Hospital Wound Program focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to improving clinical outcomes for all wound patients as objectively measured by decreased wound area and improved quality of life. As part of this program, Dr. Brem directs an outpatient wound center, a dedicated inpatient wound unit and a research lab.

Dr. Brem's research, funded by the NIH includes a wound-healing laboratory focused on molecular and cellular basis of non-healing wounds, as well as novel delivery systems. His work has focused on all aspects of care including surgical technique, writing protocols, clinical trials, and wound outcomes-related research. He also developed a comprehensive Wound Electronic Medical Record (WEMR).

Additionally, he has focused on the development of standard protocols for treatment of chronic wounds and the integration of multidisciplinary, evidence-based practices for optimal outcomes in non-healing wounds, objectives that serve as the foundation for this conference. Dr. Brem is then author of numerous peer reviewed manuscripts and a recipient of multiple NIH research grants.

His passion for clinical education is apparent in the design of this certificate course. The focus is not just in providing the clinician with the best available scientific information, but rather how they can translate this knowledge into their daily practice.